Sociable's 1st Birthday!! from SociableTavern on 8tracks Radio.

This playlist is a diverse selection of cool sociable tunes to groove to wherever you are. The playlist has been selected by the staff that works at Sociable Kitchen + Tavern in honour of our 1st Birthday Paty on Dec. 8th, 2016!

Plug-in, sit back, + enjoy!

Memory Mix from SociableTavern on 8tracks Radio.

Memory Mix: MIX TAPE #2

...While thinking of what songs I wanted to pick for this playlist, I kept in mind how I felt you should want to experience Sociable Kitchen + tavern. You should want to leave the technology at home, go out for a meal, and enjoy time with the people you are with–you should want to be Sociable! This idea reminded me of how things were like when I was younger. I remember my parents would listen to these rock songs all the time when we went for drives. Every time I hear them now I am immediately transported back in time. I wanted this playlist to bring back great memories to those listening. This is a playlist for the classics, the nostalgics, and the socialites who still rock out to great tunes! - Brandon Taylor

OPENING SOON from SociableTavern on 8tracks Radio.


We are in the midst of building our relationship so we made our first ‘mixed tape’ for you - the ultimate symbol of our devotion. Every song has been hand picked because we loved it. Up and coming Indie bands, little known blues artists and rock icons are brought together to provide the perfect soundtrack to your SKT experience!