Compliments to the Baker

Sociable isn’t lying when they say... photo

Sociable isn’t lying when they say they bake their goods in-house and from scratch. The nostalgic smells of fresh baked treats bring you in and welcome you home here. From the hamburger buns, that simply are too big to fit your mouth around (#sorrynotsorry) to the pretzel bread that is so 'cravable' you can’t seem to eat just one. Ezra, The Baker at SKT takes great pride in what she does.

I caught up with her while she was preparing my favourite dessert on the menu, the Nutter Butter!! Ezra is one of those people who can talk to you about anything and treats the kitchen as if it’s her home – almost immediately I felt welcomed into her space.

I was able to witness her prepare the perfect combination of crunchy cookie to the smooth peanut butter. It was interesting to see the time she took to balance everything. She took into consideration the oiliness of the peanut butter and prepared the cookie portions accordingly. She said too oily of peanut butter could have a negative effect on the cookie so she needed the patience to prepare. Clearly a science, Ezra has the hand-pressed sizing down packed. I didn’t dare try it, I’m leaving the baking up to the professionals.

Luckily for me, she had already prepared some of the buns for the day and the got to capture the beauty of the bread with my camera lens. Wish I could have captured the smell – guess you’ll just have to stop in and experience that for yourself.

While I was waiting, I got to talking to Ezra and I asked her a few fun questions that first came to mind. Why not? I wanted to get to know her better.

How long have you been baking?

In a professional resto environment, only since Sociable has been open. Freelance on my own for about 16 years!

Have you always wanted to be a baker?

I have always aspired to be in law enforcement actually, but something about the creative field always draws me in. A natural talent that always shines brighter.

What is your favourite thing to bake outside the restaurant?

Pavlova!!! Who doesn't love meringue?!?

favourite tool in the kitchen?

Definitely my Japanese knives – "insert heart eyes"

What is one tip for a novice baker? (to someone who wants to bake bread)

PATIENCE! Can't rush any kind of dough.

After 15 minutes or so the cookies were done and ready to cool! Ezra is such an amazing baker and the quality of time and service she puts into each baked good is greatly noticeable in every bite. Next time you’re in and you taste one of the fresh baked goods be sure to send your compliments to the baker!

Photography & Post by Evin Lachance