It's Prime Time!

Have you and your family enjoyed... photo

(UPDATE: This promotion is no longer at Sociable... Still, though, this article is a good read + a delicious party for your eyes)

Have you and your family enjoyed our mouth-watering Prime Rib Dinner on Sundays yet? The dish has been going for several months and it has been a popular addition to our weekend menu.

Starting at 4 PM every Sunday the kitchen open its arms to accept all the hungry weekend warriors, ready to sink their teeth into prime rib, mashed garlic potatoes, fresh veg, Yorkshire pudding all covered in the prime jus. However, to hit that 4 PM deadline, the kitchen needs to begin the prep early. We took the opportunity to follow Chef Scott, who helped originate a lot of the recipes.. one may call him AN OPC (Original Prime Chef)… And followed him as he went through the Prime Prep!

In this journal we've documented step by step what it takes to craft Prime Time, aimed at bringing families together Sunday afternoons because at Sociable we believe it's always a prime time to get together.

Step 1: Prepare the Meat

We smoke it until medium rare ( 5-hr smoke)

Step 2: Prep The Veg

Carrots, cauliflower, + all the good stuff – because you need a bit of balance right? The carrots are steamed + cauliflower is roasted with herb butter. 

Step 3: Mash it up

In an industrial sized blender, we blend all the love in the world: potatoes + garlic + everything else that makes your stomach smile.

Step 4: Prepare the Jus

The jus consists of veal stock, reduced red wine, garlic, + beef broth. Delicious addition to the meat + adds a great level of flavour! 

Step 5: Bake the Best Part...

The Yorkshire puddings are prepared traditionally. Left to rise in the oven where It will triple in size! 

Step 6: Cut it up + Plate it out! 

LOOK AT IT, JUST ADMIRE IT WITH US. (4 out 5 foodies recommended that you spend at least 10 seconds on the photos below.) 

Step 7: EAT!!

Best paired with friends + family.

It may be a day long process to get it all done but it is a process Sociable doesn’t take for granted. We love what we do and what we can create through the kitchen, and we love sharing it with you!

See you this Sunday.