How to make the beer soup...

In the immortal words of The... photo

In the immortal words of The Stark Family, “Winter is Coming”.. and what they don’t say in the show is that our Beer + Cheddar soup could have saved them all. ALAS, they were not blessed enough to have it and luckily for you, you can to save yourself from the cold winter ahead. 

We stepped into the back to see how Chef Jeff creates the soup. Follow the steps if you’d like but there is always a bowl with your name on it here at Sociable Kitchen + Tavern.

First, start with your base of russet potatoes,our 6-hour house-cured + smoked bacon, thyme, onions, garlic, chicken stock & dijon mustard

Second, add your beer, we use Steam Whistle Pilsner for that delicious kick. Let it cook down.

Third, and in our opinion, THE BEST PART (aside from the beer) add the cheddar cheese & some cream for that extra velvety texture!

Fourth, mix, mix, and then mix some more! luckily we have this wicked industrial mixer – maybe a cool Christmas idea for your chef at home?

It’s great on its own or perfect as a side with anyone of our dishes. Made from scratch with the freshest ingredients, This soup is our absolute favourite!