A Little Shot for our Friends......

Introducing Walter, the very fine, all-natural,... photo

Introducing Walter, the very fine, all-natural, Canadian-made craft caesar mix. We love it so much we made it a garnish for your brunch.


Every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM – 3PM we are serving those savoury and delicious recipes that you crave during the week.


Just like any ingredient we bring into Sociable Kitchen + Tavern, Walter Caesar is something to be recognized. Unlike other mixes, Walter’s adds a punch of seasoning that deserves nothing short of WOW when sipped. It’s Gluten-Free, with no MSGs added, and has zero artificial colour or flavours. We believe it underlines our own food philosophy.

So when you come in this weekend make sure to have your shot of Walter's before devouring your BRUNCH!

Don’t forget your Sociable Caesar made with Walter Caesar Mix. It's the perfect pick me up from the night before.