How one League's Fantasy Could Inspire...

NFL Season is upon us and... photo

NFL Season is upon us, and so is Fantasy Football Season (I just had my draft Monday). The guards and staff from the Brantford Jail were in tonight for their 2017 Draft, the 24TH for this group! We were thrilled to have them back and even let them know as they pulled in that this time would be fantastic!

Dan, the leader of the group, was blown away by the facility, the staff, the food and the little extras! (He was super cool despite his dreadful choice in Jersey [haha])

We had fantasy players, young and old.

And from the look of it, win or lose, everyone seems to get a trophy.

But I think we'd all rather this one...

Sociable Kitchen and Tavern, making fantasies come true.

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Photos/Written by Marc Lefebvre