Making Perogies in the SKT Kitchen......

My Mom's perogies were a hit!... photo

My Mom's perogies were a hit! We set up on expo so everyone walking in could see what was going on. We created them all in-house, starting from scratch, and worked our way up to the delicious puffy perogies we both hold near and dear.

Our first table ordered 3 dozen of 'The Works' (sautéed onion, bacon, sour cream, garnished with scallions) before they were even ready! As I was bringing the perogies out to them, another table saw and changed their order immediately from what they had previously decided. THE POWER OF THE PEROGIE PREVAILS! Needless to say, we were excited by the response.

Dinner time proved to be a success as well. We had a group of 20 over from Missouri that travels all over the world visiting SC Johnson factories. They visit Poland every year and have tasted the real deal. After tasting a couple dozen, the group was super impressed with our perogies! There was another reservation of 20 that when I brought out the plate of perogies as an appetizer, the one gentleman saw them and instantly said, 'I will take however many dozen is left'… unfortunately for him, there was only 1 dozen. Hopefully, he can get some more next time!


In total, my mom and I made about 20 dozen–The staff ate their fair share too. It was so cool to see other people get excited over something my Mom and I have done together for years. I absolutely love the fact that I can share my traditions with the SKT family. We look forward to doing it again!

Written by Angelica Wroblewski - Guest Experience Stylist for Sociable Kitchen + Tavern